There are many ways to REUSE in your home and work place. Reusing products which have historically been single use items is a large part of recycling.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about doing your part to protect the environment and your community:

  • Wash plastic bags and use twice!
  • Have a recycling can in your kitchen so that it is convenient to recycle bottles, cans, and paper products of all kinds
  • Buy recycled products, usually clearly indicated on the label
  • Start a small (or big!) compost pile for your food scraps, and use it to fertilize your garden and yard
  • Reuse plastic and paper shopping bags
  • Donate or sell your used clothing
  • Shop thrift stores or consignment store instead of buying new clothing, furniture, and household goods
  • Glass and plastic food containers may be used again to store leftover meals or as organizers for your home and office
  • Shoe boxes may be used to store and organize your things
  • Instead of buying single-use batteries, reach for the rechargeable varieties
  • Reuse your plastic shopping bags as dog or cat waste bags.
  • Warm water in your water bottle that you don’t want to drink? Use it to water your plants!
  • You can reuse your bread bags just as you would use zip locking bags

These are just a few examples of great ways to easily REUSE in your home and office. Share these and your unique ideas with friends and families in your communities!