R EDUCE your impact on the environment by following a few simple guidelines to protect our water supply.

Used motor oil should NOT be poured down the drain, deposited in garbage cans, or dumped illegally.  There is only one way to properly dispose of used motor oil.

Used motor should not be disposed any place except at Certified Collection Centers. Certified Collection Centers all across the county pay $0.40 per gallon of used motor oil.

In California, used motor oil is considered a toxic material and must be recycled by a professional. It is illegal to dump used oil in the storm drain, down your home drain, in the trash can, or on the ground. When recycled properly, motor oil may be used many times.

When oil enters our soil and waterways, it becomes an immediate problem for all people and animals living in the area and beyond. It could kill fish, poison birds, and make other animals very sick. Used motor oil contains cancer-causing agents. Just one gallon of oil can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water. Therefore, if you dump your oil anywhere except Certified Collection Centers, you are not only harming your local community, but causing pollution throughout the state.