Only Rain in the Drain!

Construction Site Operator Education

Construction sites within Madera County are required to prevent pollutants from entering the storm drain conveyance system through the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Contractors, handymen, day laborers, and property owners may be held responsible for violations and failure to implement minimum BMP’s to prevent illegal discharges. Ensure you are in compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations by understanding the installation and maintenance of construction site BMPs.

Mobile Cleaning Education

All mobile washing businesses are required to prevent pollutants from entering the storm drain conveyance system within Madera County. Follow these Best Management Practices to reduce the likelihood of illicit discharges, and to ensure your business is in compliance with all Federal, State, and County Stormwater regulations.

Watershed Education

Watershed activities, projects, and stormwater related curriculum for K-12 students.

Dispose Motor Oil Properly

Dumping used motor oil down the storm drain is illegal! One quart of motor oil dumped down the storm drain can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water. In Madera County there are multiple Certified Collection Centers for used motor oil. Oil may be cleaned and used over and over again.

A Better Car Wash

Soapy water travels through storm drains to surrounding rivers and oceans which is toxic to wildlife. Wash in a grassy area, the soil acts as a natural filter. Use as little water as is possible.

Pick Up Pet Waste

Pet waste contains bacteria that are harmful to wildlife and local water ways. It is very important to pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the garbage, or in the toilet. It may take a year or more for dog waste to decompose completely, and waste can be washed into the storm drains polluting nearby water.

Septic System Shape-Up

When a person comes in contact with septic system contaminated water, they risk developing eye or ear infections, gastrointestinal disease, or hepatitis. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests having septic systems inspected every 3 years and routinely emptied.

Water-Friendly Landscape

50% of water pollution is from home yard maintenance, landscaping waste, and chemical pollution. Use drought resistant plants, permeable soil, and water conserving irrigation. Surrounding surfaces should direct rain water to the plants, not the storm drain.

Landscaping Chemical BMPs

When we apply landscaping chemicals to our lawns and gardens, rain water has the potential to transport these chemicals to streams and rivers within Madera County. Proper handling and application techniques can limit the amount of chemicals that reach our waterways, ensure clean drinking water, and help preserve the health of local wildlife.